Employment Litigation

Have you been laid-off from your employer?

Let go without cause?

Terminated unfairly?



Many employers try to get away with paying terminated employees the minimums required under the Labour Standards Act. These amounts range from one week to six weeks, depending on your length of service. In most cases, an employee who is terminated without just cause is entitled to significantly more than the labour Standards Act minimums.

Even if you have an employment contract that mandates a certain notice period, there are circumstances when courts will award amounts greater than may be mandated in the contract.

Other questions that you may ask:

Was I forced to quit because of my treatment at work?

Am I currently being harassed or bullied at work?

Am I being discriminated against because of a particular trait eg. age, sex, etc?

There is no risk or charge in having your circumstances reviewed by French Law Offices to explore whether you have a potential claim and the value of that claim.